Plan for this weekend:

ROUTE & WATER STATION INFO…This weekend, we’ll head WEST on the Seawall.
WATER stop at Holiday Inn

Shiner & Holiday Half marathons=5mi
SA Rock & Roll Half =4mi
Santa Hustle Half =3mi
Galveston Half=2-3mi
USA FIT Half=2-3mi
Galveston Full=5mi
USA FIT Full=5mi
SA FULL marathon=12mi
Houston FULL marathon= 7mi

If you know someone who is interested in joining us, encourage them to start this weekend! We don’t want to intimidate new people with distances, but we will accommodate “newbies” for a couple more weeks.

BIG REMINDER!!! Today is the last day to register online! PLEASE- if you have not already done so in person, please register online (home page) today.